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(Calcutta) ; Mr. F. J. Gant ; Dr. Dickson ; Dr. Corfe ; Mr. J. Chatto ;

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than mere visual trouble. The patient could see letters,

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does not refer to the period of gestation at which a child may be born, but

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hydrogen flame, it exhibits the orange line {Li. j3), and with the

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Having no law to guide in the choice of the remedy, the

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from his head ; laughs sometimes ; no paraly ie symptoms ;

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cranial syphilis. Some of these neuropathies were even relieved

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quickness of perception by which he ofttimes antici-

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to the operations of the intellect, it cannot be said that they

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Almost all grown hogs have a kind of hard, tubercular lump in the liver, from one to multi-

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stained them with methylene blue, examined them under

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fever among the deaths reported as from rotheln. Heim thinks that,

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ence in the morbid tissue appearances of the several stages ; and a similar

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cells of the intima, and only in certain cases is there a

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pathic Examiners. For information regarding the latter examinations write

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The optic discs were normal, the refraction somewhat

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fo'.ind that consumption was almost unknown. Occasionally I met

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was free bleeding present. The placentalbruit and the fetal heart sounds, which

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■which they are unable to control, or of ideas that take root in

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subtracting the total excreta from the total food. Commonly, the expres-

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breath and furred tongue will indicate the treatment, and speedy relief will

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Iii discussing this table, Day calls attention to the condition of the

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From the available data it appears that more or less severe anemia is

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approaches more nearly to the sugar of grapes. This kind of sugar,

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used the alkaline and moderately purgative waters, and then a

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constitution, seems capable of modifying the susceptibility to its infec-

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avoid mistakes and even then we will make them. After all the

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denly get up, and go with a hurried step to the door. What

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chronic affections, and of the iodide in cutaneous syphilis. Analogy and the

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t«m^ tJssiiA nrnHn#»#»q the samft rftsult. In light catarrhs, is ob-

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persons of quite opposite build. Undoubtedly, however, there are certain

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cramped positions from which we find lateral curvatures de-

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Recent reports from the Mayo Clinic and from other institu-

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quite an irritant to the eye, and he will wonder the

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breath and furred tongue will indicate the treatment, and speedy relief will

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communicated movement from the arms. But even in shaking palsy

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Also, in other ditficult operations in the larynx, which are

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these peculiar and pathognomonic changes. Even before the apjjearance