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relative who was under my close observation. He suffered
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formed by the cyst alone. One more point, however, remained to be cleared up. Was
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greater part of the index finger which had been bleeding repeatedly.
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referable to the part. Examination showed the parts to be entirely
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the base of the inferior or pelvic triangle corresponds with
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besides, with no permanent benefit. ITie subjective evi-
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The book is the direct result of intensive practical field work involving many
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throughout the gland and sometimes by discharge of their contents
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and we wear them, and we exterminate those which interfere too much
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in. size, and no strabismus. Neck muscles were rather rigid, but
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for most commonly in analogous cases there are numer-
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followed by right hemianopsy which persisted until the death of the
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ston, of Chicago, follow, taking up the consideration of
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could be detected. Distension of the frontal sinus was the diag-
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observed against " catching cold." This treatment, if persistently carried
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member of which will be required to perform the various opera-
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