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hearts offer no counter-indication to its administration.

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of the surface of the quarter, and lameness, with great difficulty

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ularities, nausea and constipation, extra pyramidal symptoms, increased and

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operation be not done during the non tolerant stage of

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sheep's head, will serve to convince them that they are in error.

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pains; moreover, nausea and eructation, ix>ld perforation, trembling or

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stopcock at both ends may be used to collect samples of air, particu-

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ample, botanically appreciated — by no means justifies the conclusion

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washed in a i to 1,000 corrosive sublimate solution.

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and tenderness of acute appendicitis are first general and then be-

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both. There may or may not be hemorrhages on or in the

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also prominent through the abdominal wall, evacuation of the pus through

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ployed have varied in detail, but in them all we may observe

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fundus. On this occasion she was straining so violently

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circumscribed abscesses in the abdominal cavity, the causes of which ue

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Association meets this year at Ottawa on the 1st of September.

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or ice applications in pneumonia are detrimental to

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externally, is the inhabitant of the world, and not, as a vegetable, of a spot only, it feels, it

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Dr. Ch.vlmkhs iiiter|)Osed to exjjlain tiiat his institutional deaths were not

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cance. Some sores remain small and heal without induration.

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was thought that probably the inflammation of the lachry-

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November 15: Ten ounces pleural fluid aspirated, left pleura, turbid. Fall in

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help for 15 years. Hospital facilities available in com-

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aching. It is generally constant, and is accompanied by more or 1 re-

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amusement; the food must be sufficient and of varied quality, An

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counted the medicinal substances named in the book, but should

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into holes, either one or many; and alter mentioning several

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or an even clouding of the medium from below upward to within 2 to 3 cm. from

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pomidrd by means of a hyphen ? Ordinary words so treated are, {cy., a

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qpeeitd endowments and unlimited powers of multiplication ; not as the