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observed in the hospital was the second felirile period of the disease, and,

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follow the commencement of the acid treatment, at whatever stage it was

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for another opei-ation. Paracentesis for the fourth time is performed in

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tough mucoid mass is expectorated, after which it is absent for the rest of

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posterior and anterior portions of the suture approximating each other,

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The last of these is the disease we shall study to-day, and

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least to restore normal ventilation to the nose. This having been done,

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two hundred and fifty cases of lupus erythematosus,

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a rash showed itself on the child, which proved to be

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tance of what is now called neurasthenia, it was known as

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for evil upon subserpicnt nutrition, proportioned to the amount that

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ossification, however, the homogeneous calcium deposits are closely related

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cutaneous vessels by some poison which acts on non-striped

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the skin is to be cut off horizontally, so as to expose the loose cellular

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Typhoid Kpidernic Started by Bacillus Carrier, 231 1

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General Symptoms. — {a) Fever, — While the disease is progressing fcw

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rily incompetent, as had been asserted, but because from the

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oculaiv, e nuovii la.soiatiira ;il di'iitoi liiiin o di iiierciirio

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autononie epitheliale Neubildungen ? Ztschr. f. Augenh.,

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that gastroenterostomy, an operation not in itself dan-

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In so doing they have the power to agitate little things which

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did not keep him constantly in motion. He was at once sent into the

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years, seeing an opening for an English Physician in Paris, he

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ject of leprosy requires to be studied exhaustively in the

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after four exposures, healthy granulation tissue began

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from their ages and various other circumstances, for the im-

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inch internal to the right nipple ; below by a point two

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strength of the patient. The renal catarrh also runs a favorable course

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